Getting outside with your babies in the winter

It’s the end of January, and for some of us in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s been more time indoors this season. As a mom of three, I find that time outside, even for me, can be so refreshing. I like to get outdoors as much as possible, especially at this time of year because I find the outdoors restorative, healing, and grounding. I also want to impart in our family culture the things my husband enjoyed before having children, which is exercising outdoors!

The reason so many people stay indoors when it’s so cold is often, having the feeling of being underdressed outside has left a bad memory. The best preparation so you can get some winter enjoyment is good outerwear!

Here are some of the staples that get me out with my little ones on walks and play time outside in the winter:

For babies:

A warm onesie, layered with a sweater, warm socks and moccasins, layered with a warm snowsuit, and in a good walking stroller sac like this one.

My son is wearing an M&S Baby snowsuit underneath a 7A.M. Enfant igloo sac in a single B.O.B stroller

For toddlers, preschoolers, and children:

Try for merino woolen long johns or sports leggings under 2 warm layers on top and another layer on the bottom. I hesitate to say which kind of pant, because some children like to choose themselves (I would steer towards snowpants). Add a warm pair of mittens and hat/scarf or balaclava, warm socks (preferably a wool blend), and warm boots or hiking sneakers with good tread. Some children like a warm layer that’s not puffy. I recommend the Patagonia children’s winter gear, in that case.

For Mom/Dad:

It’s almost Valentines Day, folks. Although it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea a good pair of silk long underwear/cami (you can find a good pair at REI), can really help you have fun with your family outside in the cold weather. Layer them under sturdy pants/leggings and a turtleneck/sweater or nike mock neck and a sweater under a good parka, with mittens and a hat. I like to wear an infinity scarf, as well. Seriously, being warm makes all the difference! My favorite pair of winter mittens comes from Minnesota Mittens company. They are perfect on freezing days!

Anyway, I hope that you’ll layer up and get outside this winter! It’s an absolutely spectacular season to enjoy fresh air, if you’re dressed properly!