My 3rd pregnancy bump

It’s the end of the year. Looking back at the beginning, in January when I was still expecting my youngest, it seems like an age ago. It’s about time I share the pregnancy journey! Babies change your body in good ways, that’s my experience anyway. I’ve found more health and more self care when becoming pregnant. With each subsequent pregnancy, I did a better job with self care because I was more motivated and more knowledgeable about my own body and how pregnancy affected it.

Having had both boys and a girl, I learned that my body reacted differently to each during the pregnancies, in addition to my lifestyle factors. For instance, I had such bad morning sickness for up into the 5th month with my daughter, to the point where I had to take anti-nausea medicine and lost a good deal of weight into the second trimester.

I will see if I can find pictures from that pregnancy, but right now I’ll share my most recent bump transformation, from my youngest son. I walked daily starting in the second trimester, only doing light weights a few times a week.

This is my bump collage from my third baby, who was a boy. The top left is at 12 weeks, top right at 21 weeks, bottom left at 28 weeks, bottom middle at 36 weeks and bottom right at 40 weeks ( I didn’t go into labor until 41 weeks!)

No matter what your bump looks like, if you can use pregnancy as a time to practice good self care, it’s great preparation for motherhood. I have found that taking care of myself makes me a more healthy and happy parent. For me, I like to exercise, hike, and play music so I haven’t given those parts of myself up, but instead I share the things that are important to me with my children. In turn, my children show me who they are each day. They share with me their favorite things to do, who they are and it’s through living and sharing in this life that we can bond and enjoy today.