Grain free chicken soup and zoodles

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know I’ve traveled the whole gamut of diets, the longest of which was vegetarian ( almost 20 years and for the last of those veg years, I was vegan).  Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease, about five years ago,  I have focused on keeping my diet strictly gluten free, so that I wouldn’t feel so restricted that I ate gluten.  Another factor was that while carrying my children and breastfeeding, I chose to be more flexitarian so that I could sustain overall health for myself and my children, and not have any more health issues.  

  I am going to repost my modification on a typical chicken soup for those of you that don’t include grains in your diet.  It’s from five years ago, so try to ignore the image quality! 

Grain Free Chicken Noodle soup

I am a huge Zoodle fan also, so I’ve used zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead for a good noodle in the soup!  

I love making zoodles with our spiral vegetable slicer. I use a Paderno slicer.  It makes the best zoodles of the ones I’ve tries so far! 

Very simply: you wash and peel the zucchini, put it into place on the slicer, and push and turn.  I then place the zoodles into salty 
boiling water for a minute and strain, then serve!

I actually made the kids Tinkyada gluten free noodles with shrimp last night for their dinner.  I made zoodles for my husband and I!

I often use them instead of rice noodles, even, for a noodle bowl.  Because, I eat SO much rice-based food, being a Celiac, that I like to keep a variety in my diet.  But I will do a random zoodle bowl like this one:

Zoodles, cherry tomatoes, tofu, green peppers, a hard boiled egg, and Braggs liquid aminos (I also love LaCroix seltzer)

If you haven’t tried using zoodles as an easy grain-free alternative to noodles, I highly recommend it.  

Have you tried zoodles yet?