Post-Thanksgiving update

Ah, the weekend.  Even after a few days of Thanksgiving holidays, it’s always such a good thing to wake up on a Saturday knowing there’s another slower morning yet on the horizon (Okay, I’m going to be real here with three kids it’s not SOOO slow, but…it’s definitely less harried).

My youngest is sick with a cold so I’ve been up with him at night, and I’ve been caring for him around the clock this week.   I’ve been staying on track and had my avocado toast this morning.  I have gotten all of my workouts in this week.  I planned to get a run in later today…but it didn’t happen so it’s inadvertently my rest day; and I dressed in running tights all day! ‘One of those days 🙂   

avocado salad toast on Udi’s Millet Chia Bread (Certified GF)

I managed to do a little Black Friday shopping yesterday – but only online since we were entertaining.  I like to take Thanksgiving slow and enjoy the coziness of home and downtime.  Although a ton of that time gets taken up by the rhythms of food preparation or household tasks, it still feels enlivened when family is visiting and communing together.  

my youngest tries his rocker with his grandfather

This little pot is in our kitchen window sill…

This spring onion in our kitchen window gets cut and recut throughout the winter. 
She’s growing back now! 

This morning we’re celebrating my mother’s birthday.  I made a batch of  almond flour pumpkin muffins in the oven for a morning cupcake base.  

When baking with almond flour it really varies the measurements of other ingredients (liquids:dry ingredients), so recipes need to be followed carefully for desired results.  

For this batch, I followed a recipe I used a TON when I was first recovering from my Celiac diagnosis – recommended by an acquaintance a while ago from urban poser.

This afternoon we were up at a local holiday celebration with a puppet parade!

The kids enjoyed it a lot but it got cold and we were happy to get into the warm car for a quiet ride home.  We had a leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner (I was too busy in preparation to take pictures!) and the children are all tucked in bed, tired after lots of excitement the last several days and I hope that we’ll all get a chance to rest up some more tomorrow before getting back in the swing of the normal routines on Monday.  

What do you do with Thanksgiving leftovers?  I always mean to do a turkey bone broth…but I am not always successful!