10 Things I’ve learned being a mom of three

Today’s morning musings about being a mom of three (mind you, mine are still little)….

1. good enough sometimes is the closest thing to perfect
2. children feel good when they can do things independently
3. babies & older children thrive on routines (I like this mom’s take)
4. All children do better when both mom & dad practice self-care
5. Kids are more at ease when Mom & Dad put a lot of positive energy in their marriage
6. Sleeping well, eating well, having adult conversations, and going to the bathroom alone are luxurious (and sometimes a struggle at first …sometimes still so later on)
7. Praise the good and ignore the bad even …no, especially if you feel tired, hungry, or frustrated.
8. Your children’s memories will outlast your material belongings; put energy into making the memories positive & loving (explore Hygge living).
8. Giving each of your children one-on-one time is so important (even if it’s only 15 minutes a day)
9. Kids don’t care if your home/wardrobe/lunchbox/party/hairstyle isn’t pinterest-worthy, they do care if the pinterest/device takes away from their fifteen minutes alone with you as a parent (I was particularly inspired by Rachel Macy Stafford’s book).
10. Three kids means parents are outnumbered and the kids are a gang themselves, they will have their own fan club for life through thick and thin and it’s amazing to see it start as little ones!

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