Chicken thighs, mama thighs, and things I’m loving!

Hi there. Phew! It’s been a long time… In the last year plus, I had baby three and have been trying to learn the ropes of juggling said baby with my already blessed family of littles! Needless to say, I have been writing posts in my head, so to speak, for the last nine months or so. And here we are!

Today, my third is 9 months old and I’m celebrating that and a little more me-time with a chance to write. These days are filled with all sorts of craziness and I love it. My children have made my world so blessed!

I’m also glad I’ve made it back to my pre-pregnancy size with the help of Kayla Itsine’s BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Sweat App and e-book. I’m at 26+ weeks and use it as a part of my routine to feel good. I absolutely love one thing about this program: it’s about being self-compassionate, my best self.  I’m someone that grew up with a feeling like my bottom half was too heavy compared to my top, and was self-critical.  Now, I’m appreciative of the strength and endurance my legs have.  It’s been a transformation of mind and body.


As far as chicken thighs go: Today I’m making a gluten free dish that I love, but more importantly, my man loves! I first found a recipe on an awesome blog Witty in the City several years ago. I haven’t really modified it but I do generally use more chicken thighs (up to 4 lbs) and sometimes I’ll leave out the rosemary for my pickiest of the littles :-/  (this batch isn’t boneless so I will cook longer than 40 minutes)

Along with a gluten free mac’n cheese (easy version “Annie’s) for the kids and baked potatoes and salad for my husband and I, I’m going to bake my eldest son’s favorite gluten free brownie recipe from Kelli & Peter Bronski’s Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking book.  I _love_ every recipe in this book, no joke.  That’s proven important as more time has passed living as a gluten free person with Celiac Disease.  Their other book for families has been a life saver for having a big gluten free family. I regularly rely on their birthday cake recipe (as I did just a couple of weeks ago):


Finally, ’tis the season for enjoying apples in Hudson Valley New York.  So, I’ve done applesauce, and apple muffins.  I love when apples are in season.  They are just SO yummy and such a treat.   Here’s a plug for Cortland and Mac’s or…perhaps a local organic topaz 🙂 IMG_5620What sorts of things do you love to make with apples?  I’m looking for new ideas for gluten free baking/cooking 🙂

Gluten free products I’m loving:

  • Almond Dream’s Limited edition Pumpkin Spice with cinnamon Almond Milk
  • SoDelicious Coconut Coffee Creamer Barista Style in French Vanilla (yum!)


Well that’s all I have for now, folks.  Be well!

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