Special Gluten free treats for special days

Happy Saturday folks!
Its a cold, rainy day here in the Hudson Valley. ‘Perfect for catching up on all the indoor things that need getting done and spend quality time with family (Legos, stories, building blocks and a special movie).

This week we celebrated a birthday and I got a chance to make a yummy gluten free chocolate cake! I have recommended it before, but No Gluten No Problem’s author’s Kelli and Peter Bronski have an excellent recipe, that I use without fail each celebration.  Every time I make this recipe it is gone as quick as can be – and everyone loves it!  If you haven’t checked out their recipe books, I highly recommend them (The family recipe book I have of theirs is dog-eared and well-loved).  Another treat was a chance to have some of the delicious tartlets made in New York City’s NoGlu bakery.  They were so delicious!IMG_4219
I also baked at home…


Gluten free Blueberry Cheesecake brownies

Amidst all of the sweets, I aim to balance things out with clean eating.  That means overnight oats (gluten free) for breakfast, salads with cannellini beans for lunch, simple lean proteins and yummy veggies for dinner, with snacks of Icelandic yogurt or Turkey rolls.

Today I broiled some chicken to include with a pea shoot, quinoa salad bowl.

I started by prepping the chicken with and Olive oil, salt and pepper rub, then broiled on either side for 10 minutes each.

Broiled chicken breasts

Until next time, be well!

Things I’m loving

I make a lot of food from scratch but I try to keep gluten free healthy foods in case of days when time is short and food isn’t prepped.

  1. Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles
  2. Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt
  3. Applegate Chicken Maple Sausage
  4. GF Frosted Sugar Cookies for any Special day