Stella: A snowy recipe recap

It’s almost spring, yet we’re still in winter for another month or two in the Hudson Valley.  Winter to me means a time for making warming gluten free recipes, hunkering down for cozy family time indoors, and plenty of time rolling around in the snow outside.

Around February my immune system gets very weak after the lack of daytime sunlight and my Vitamin D deficiency even with the supplement (similar to most folks in the NorthEast but I think folks with absorption issues don’t do as well with supplements).  My sister had once mentioned that she learned in her nutrition coursework that any place North of Atlanta won’t be a source  of vitamin D for half of the year.  I did not know how much I would be affected by the fact back then.  I still wouldn’t trade life in the Northeast, however, so on to ways to warm the body and soul…

We had Stella, the huge blizzard, last week and then more snow this weekend.  ‘Nothing beats playing in the snow!IMG_4146 I’ve been making warming foods like turkey chili, chicken soup, and pumpkin muffins.  Oh, we also celebrated Pi day on March 14th and I made a gluten free pie crust with Bobs Red mill pie crust mix and a chocolate coconut cream pie filling. IMG_4149We then did our usual Gluten free personal pizzas in Friday night, which the children love.


Food glorious food!  Well, of course I try and balance it out with movement and sleep.  I’ve recently been doing more slow – low impact workouts rather than high intensity (which I’ve been doing for over a year with strength and plyometrics), with walking and yoga.  It helps restore energy when I’m stressed with my immune system.

So here’s a little shoutout to a local Hudson Valley business. I take an elixir with ginger and honey that I mix in with water that helps sooth upset tummies and support immune health.  It’s a local company called Immune schein and the ginger elixir tastes great.  ‘Worth a try if you’re open-minded.

I’m off to enjoy the little bit of sunshine we have left today.  Be well!


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