Snowday and gluten-free fudgy brownies 

Today we woke to yet more fallen snow! SNOW DAY!!

All day it’s been snowing big flakes, light and then heavy snow. We have at least 5-6″ here in the higher elevations.  

  We’ve been busy sledding, playing in the snow, back inside for warmth and now while the littlest naps, I’m baking some fudgy brownies.

This recipe is from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Meals Made Simple Cookbook.  I like her easy recipes that are nutrient dense and not chalk-full of sugar or empty carbs.  

I started by melting chocolate and butter with honey in the double broiler.

Then I whisked the dry flours (coconut, arrowroot, and almond) with coconut sugar, soda, and salt. 

  After missing the dry and wet mixtures, I added eggs (I was one short but it seemed moist enough) and put in the oven to bake! 

Even though being Celiac means I don’t enjoy traditional baked goods, gluten-free baking is now a hobby of mine.  I want to raise my children to love fresh healthy fruits veggies and proteins, and they are pretty good with healthy eating – but, I also like to spoil them with good tasting treats.   

Here’s the final product! Yum!

 I find that as a Celiac, having dietary restrictions on top of having to be strictly gluten-free gets overwhelming so I try to think about MORE veggies, MORE FRUIT, rather than restriction of other things.  

Since Celiacs tend to eat a diet of higher fat content and less fiber (which hinders good health), I also have been logging food intake and weighing food on myfitnesspal for the last year and a half.  Personally my biggest food to watch and limit for heart health is cheese. I try to substitute hummus as an alternative to cheese.  That works for me! It’s good to be aware of factors impacting heart health on the impacting gluten free diet.

Be well!

john pavlovitz

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