Local gluten free Japanese food and gluten free monkey bread

Last night we went out to a local Japanese place and then a concert for date night.  A couple of years ago that would have seemed impossible but after healing my gut and learning to navigate risks conservatively I felt comfortable.  Sushi/Japanese food is one those lower risk options for cross contamination.

We went to a local Japanese restaurant called Momiji, in nearby Stone Ridge.  I opted for a a  Salmon entree without soy sauce (they brought a gluten free soy sauce to the table)!

It was delicious and so nice to enjoy eating out!  I highly recommend them as a safe gluten free option for the Mid-Hudson Valley region.  No headache or glutening symptoms to report (Yay!!)

This morning we woke to a blanket of snow outside!

I am waiting for my gluten free monkey bread (courtesy of my well-loved gf cookbook

 Kelli and Peter Bronski’s Gluten-Free Family Favorites) to rise and then we’ll have a yummy mid-morning treat!


Do you eat out gluten free? What are your experiences with dining out gluten free? 

Be well!