Spring cleaning and Fried Rice with chicken fit for a Celiac

Happy weekend to you!

 It’s beginning to look like spring here (although there’s a threat of winter returning tomorrow)

I am finally supine on the couch enjoying the aroma of ginger as I await the final step of making gluten free Chicken fried rice after a day full of spring cleaning!  

Grated carrots, ginger, garlic, chicken in olive oil with a couple scrambled eggs, sesame oil and gf tamari sauce…
 And Jasmine rice…

Oops! That rest lasted about 2.3 seconds!   Now to combine them…

There we go! 

Such an easy recipe and one that will hopefully be consumed happily by my toddlers while we go out on a date night tonight!  

Im looking forward to trying a local Asian place we’ve heard good things about (and with any luck I won’t be cross from cross contamination)! Be well!