Gluten free Baking bliss 

I have had more time this week to enjoy creating my favorite baked creations and an excuse to make a delicious birthday cake.  Needless to say we’ve been indulging a bit!

The weekend brought frosted gluten free rainbow cookies (an overdue project from St. Patrick’s Day)…

 This was after I made a sticky gluten free rainbow play dough for my toddlers…

I made some easy gluten free drop biscuits to go with dinner Sunday night …

And then since we had some overripe bananas, I baked some chocolate chip gluten free banana muffins…

The pretty factor of the cake was totally overshadowed by the yum factor (evidenced in there not being a crumb left- hooray!!)
  I actually took a break from baking today (I don’t do so well after too much xanthan gum).  

I thoroughly enjoy baking and am so glad I can finally create baked goods that remind me of foods I enjoyed baking pre-diagnosis.

Now, I didn’t create any of these recipes and I will gladly share the source: 

By Kelli & Peter Bronski  


Also by Kelli and Peter Bronski.  I LOVE these cookbooks!

Bath time for the babes… So long!