Staycation & Relaxation

Well hello -I am back! It has been just about two years since I left off last and so much has happened.

I successfully navigated a healthy natural birth with my daughter on a gluten free diet and our little family has blossomed. Needless to say, I finally realized I still want to share my thoughts and experiences with gluten free cooking and lifestyle, while writing- so here we are!

This week we’ve been on vacation but little ones were a little under the weather so we stayed home.

It’s been so nice to relax!  I recently read Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Revolution, which outlines all of the benefits of relaxation for mind/body healing.  I highly recommend it.

I love mornings when I actually drink my coffee while it’s warm!image

imageMy daughter loves these (they’re not too bad) so they were a must have today when she accompanied me for my long run.imageimage


I love just enjoying nature (especially when it’s warmer) and relishing the delights of early spring!


How do you relax? Do you find relaxing helps you with physical ailments?