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Well, the title says it all, folks!  I am pregnant and for the sake of other Celiacs in the same blessed boat I figure I might as well start blogging about it now.  I haven’t told family and friends yet, so you are privy for a few weeks…

This isn’t my first pregnancy, however, it is my first gluten free, post-Celiac diagnosis pregnancy so there’s a learning curve for me.  In this trimester I’ve had a lot of nausea, vomiting, food-aversions, and fatigue.  There’s a lot of safety precautions that I’ve taken to not accidently ingest gluten now, because the stakes are even higher.  I am hoping that this pregnancy will be as smooth sailing as possible, so I’ve done specific things to avoid glutening like:

  • washing my hands before I eat anything
  • being ruthless about which make-up or hand-lotion products I use (checking in with Gluten Free Makeup Gal)
  • cleaning all possibly-contaminated surfaces I touch
  • not eat out at restaurants or from others’ kitchens…only food from home

With the food-aversions and nausea, however, in addition to eating gluten-free, my options for foods that I will even eat have become more limited.  I’m eating small meals throughout the day, not drinking too much at once, and trying to not get too hungry (that’s the hardest one).

My nutritionist suggested rice cakes with organic peanut butter, boiled chicken and that sort of thing.  I’m doing okay with rice, organic scrambled eggs, string beans and Stonyfield Organic yogurt. I do well with grapes and apples.  I’m having a hard time with chicken and other proteins (even fish…thus, the straying from Paleo) but figuring it out a day at a time.

I loved what Mark’s Daily Apple mentions in this post.  So here’s to not stressing out about it!

Be well!




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