Teatime? I’ll bring my own mug, thanks!! #sneaky gluten contamination #celiac


I am practicing lunch/snack preparation for going back to work next week.  For both myself and my little darling.


Work in progress!

I have had a gluten exposure epiphany!
It occurred to me, after yet another incident, that although I am super careful to eat only at home, to bring my own food, or to eat at only Celiac-friendly restaurants… I have had tea or coffee at friends’ and family homes.  Within a day or so I can have symptoms of a minor glutening.  It varies but I can be better in 2-4 days. 
Did I mention not everyone has a dishwasher and thus may have contamination of dishes by sponges?  This is a long stretch – I know – but invariably my body’s response happens within a day or so of the ‘tea’ and it seems the only reasonable culprit.  Just for the sake of awareness, from now on I will either bring my own mug or say ‘no thank you’ and leave it at that.
Be well.

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