Work/life balance: Celiac mom food prep #Celiac #paleo

I am going back to work and thus starting to do menu planning. This seems to more complicated than if I could rely on prepared foods.  I’m anticipating cooking- from scratch- 3 allergy-free meals, seven days a week-  in addition to working full-time, keeping the house, and laundry clean, folded, and put away, and managing to spend quality time with my son and husband. I know thanks to the modern appliances that it’s totally do-able…I’m just a little anxious about it. 

I purchased containers for work meals to keep warm and free of cross-contamination ( aka no microwave needed).

Stanley food jar

Stanley food cooler (keeps warm too)

Stanley travel mug

Right now my plan is to prepare several meals on the weekends to store and then to make some crockpot meals during the work week so that it will take minimal preparation and energy on a given week day. So for the coming weeks expect to see some crockpot recipes in the works.

Today’s is thanks to “everyday paleo” and I’m looking forward to tasting tonight! Check it out!

Scrumptious Slow Cooker Chicken – Everyday Paleo recipe


Do you have any go to recipes for paleo-to-go breakfast/lunch foods?
Be well!

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