Why K.I.S.S.ing is good for this Celiac #simple #glutenfree #disease management #autoimmunepaleo

My belly needs a few days of very bland whole foods to get back to stasis (aka chicken and bone broth). I got eager with holiday meal planning, and forgot how restrictive my diet needs to be to feel good.  (A cup of cocoa or cookie once in a while is fine but can’t happen more often since I pay for it dearly) It can be boring if I don’t stray from a few standard menus, however, it’s better than feeling bad.  That’s definitely the reason ‘Keep It Simple Silly‘ is appropriate for me when I start pouring over holiday meal plans.  I can easily forget about my diet being my medicine.
Having one set of autoimmune-paleo /gluten elimination-diet holiday recipes, as those on autoimmune-paleo.com is a more feasible option.
I really really want to feel well during the holidays!!
Do you have challenges with maintaining your diet? How do you keep your gluten free diet simple?
Of possible interest:


Be well!

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