Gluten free holiday desserts #paleo #glutenfree

Today I wanted to post some of the post photos from our gluten free holiday dessert. I will have to admit that I did not make a pie at Thanksgiving (perhaps it will come at Christmas)! But, what I did to do is make an apple crisp with a very small amount of coconut flour and cinnamon.


I also baked paleo pumpkin cookies (also with coconut flour and cinnamon).

I don’t plan on eating much dessert myself, but I plan on making treats for my family and that are visiting for the holidays.

^ my bottled kombucha!
(I am getting a little further into my experiment with brewing kombucha and that is going amazingly! I have a 3 gallon beehive container that has a spigot and I’m making it as a continuous brew that I add to sweetened tea to. )

Back to desserts: I plan on baking an easy shortbread cookie to include as gifts for friends and family. I found this wonderful mix that comes from Bob’s Red Mill products.

I am so thankful!

Of possible interest:

How do you manage wellness during the holidays?

Be well!

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