Bye bye bacon #celiac #trace gluten

I totally appreciate Gluten Dude’s perspective:

Gluten dude

Dear readers,
I am resolving to kick the trace-@#$ gluten out of my life. I have had it with my continued reactions. I have realized that I am a super sensitive Celiac and cannot tolerate the 5-10 ppm trace amounts of gluten in foods that are packaged (ie. bacon or dried fruits).  Apparently even farming practices create the possibility of contamination. So this mother is going to take on food preparation for real. Oh, and this trace level applies to vitamins/medicine/teas, as well.
As the Dutch saying goes,
He that will conquer must fight.

For more on this:

“How Much Trace Gluten Is In Your Food?” This is a great article on what ‘Gluten Free’ on labels mea… –
By the way, I determined that the final accumulative culprit for my contamination was a product that uses shared equipment lines with wheat (let’s do organic coconut flakes). I didn’t read carefully enough.

So for a new dessert: Bananas and cinnamon …simple whole foods. I can do this!

In solidarity!

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