Gluten insanity

Hey there,
Today we had a busy day with church and a fundraiser, and a shopping trip before afternoon commitments.
Between errands, I usually keep wipies in my car to be 100% sure that any cross-contamination won’t occur should I touch my face or something.  I forgot to do it today.

We got afternoon snacks to tide us over:  Made in Nature dried plums and Hail Merries macaroons to share.  I thought I was fine.  Then not less than 2 hours later the storm hit and it was a bad one.  Super glutening.  Rash and diarrhea in full glory. 
Did you know that certain fruits are dusted with wheat flour to make them separate from each other easily?

Apparently some Celiacs are also sensitive to gluten in packaged foods that have gluten at 20 parts per million.
That may be why I have continually had reactions although I have been trying 100% to eliminate triggers. 
Never underestimate the Celiac body’s ability to detect gluten.  Gluten Free packaging continues to be my worst nightmare.

See this article:

So, after more research…. I found a diet called the gluten contamination elimination diet. Essentially only fresh fruit/ veggies, condiments such as oil, honey salt, and unprocessed meats (no bacon…sorry) are allowed within paleo guidelines. So that’s my new revision to autoimmune paleo…no dried fruit, vinegar, or bacon.

Be well!

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