Major Celiac, Minor glutening #CeliacFriendly Hudson Valley

Hello everyone!
Thursday I was out at the MidHudson Children’s museum with friends. 


We had a great day and I was hoping to not miss out on more catch-up time when we considered a great sushi restaurant.  You know where this is going?


I was hungry but thought about passing on the food and getting tea.  Well, hunger won and I gave the waiter an
order a la Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” and hoped for the best.  Steamed chicken, carrots and broccoli… yes, safe right? Well, I forgot to ask about the cutting boards.
Within a half hour, I had brain fog, felt warm, belly swelling, rashes tingling, headache and nausea that lasted into the next day and was followed up with diarrhea.  Yuck!
Lesson learned.
Later this weekend (after drowning in water, bone broth, kombucha and rest) I felt better. Swollen legs and itchy rashes but still… better.
We had planned a double date with friends at Rock da Pasta in New Paltz, NY because it’s Celiac-Friendly. So we went. We not only enjoyed the meal but I was fine the next day!
Moral of the story: make the safe choice and don’t slack off around food choices when out. My health and self-care has to be my priority!
How do you handle going out?
Be well!

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