Top 5 Myths about Breastfeeding and Paleo diet

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I am going on to my fourth week of the autoimmune paleo protocol and I have some revelations to share. I was once the mommy worried about getting enough calories to the point of not exploring any changes in my diet…that is until my diet completely tanked my postpartum body as an undiagnosed Celiac and as someone with unmanaged autoimmune thyroid disease.
I feel compelled to dispell some myths about how paleo may affect the nursing mothers.

1. My breastmilk supply will tank. Actually my supply is better than before because I am eating nutrition dense foods.  Getting plenty of nourishment is key…I get more of that than I did on the SAD (standard American diet).

2. Food preparation is too time consuming. Well, in our house it seems to be easier… we make extra dinner portions to save for breakfast and lunch and that cuts down on prep time!

3. It will be too hard socially.
Yes, I am the first to admit that changing habits takes practice. But, essentially I replaced going out to eat with ‘getting tea’ and having people over or doing a potluck and making a dish I could bring along, as well. My waist line doesn’t miss Christmas sugar cookies or Halloween candy… nor do my teeth.

4. I can’t eat only meat.   I also eat lots of fruit and veggies, including sweet potato.  I never feel hungry and I don’t feel like I am eating meat only.

5. It won’t be much different than my current diet, I will probably feel the same. Woe Nelly, this one is the kicker. I feel 1000% better on this diet. My energy, attitude, mood, complexion, weight, and symptoms are amazingly  improved.  I feel better and that helps me to be a better mommy!
Food for thought, folks 🙂

Of possible interest:
According to Chris Kesser, stress can cause a lot of problems… here is a great article on how to manage stress.

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