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Hello dearest readers! October marches on. It has been a very busy week with guests visiting from out of town. One thing that surprises me about having guests now that we are gluten free and doing AIP, is that I find sometimes meal preparation is a lot easier than I expected! Rather than preparing large breakfasts of omelettes and pancakes as I would have in the past, now I find myself preparing simple whole foods such as fingerling potatoes, sliced apples  oranges, or nuts, and having people serve themselves what they choose from that selection.


Who knew it could be so easy!

This weekend we attended the local Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York. There was so much going on there and it was really exciting. However, if this was the first time that I have been exposed to so many different people and so many open food trucks in a long time. Actually, since my diagnosis. We attempted to avoid a lot of the food areas however, I am certain that my nausea may have been caused by inhalation of food being prepared with flour ( either that or the hunger from not eating anything!). Crazy!

We had a great time, though. We got some wonderful wool and went through the livestock areas, which thrilled my son! I am still working on the autoimmune paleo elimination protocol and will continue as long as it takes until I can start feeling better so that’s all for now!


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