Autoimmune protocol elimination

Good morning dear readers! It is a beautiful start to today with a little peek of sunshine out the window. My little one is getting started with some Whole Foods.


Fingerling potatoes Cortland apples and grapes (not AIP)

I had a couple slices of beautiful Cortland apple and sweet potato with some Yorkshire Tea.
So, yesterday I had mentioned not having the right makeup shades for a wedding. It was a wedding situated on a mountaintop, local and outdoorsy.
  It was quite cold but was so beautiful and touching. I ended up having more of a bronzed look than I had hoped for but how important really was that? In the grand scheme of things, it’s not such a big deal! Just vanity.  (I am really hoping that Physicians Formula will come up with some lighter makeup so that I don’t feel like such a weirdo at this time of year.)


The wedding was so beautiful and I was so glad to be a part of it.  A few weeks ago I had mentioned feeling awkward about declining the reception invitation. It was a small reception taking place at a restaurant that is not celiac- friendly. We ended up making plans with the bride and groom so that we could go to a celiac-friendly restaurant to celebrate after their honeymoon. I felt okay about it but of course a little sad that I wasn’t able to attend the celebration. I do believe that she appreciated that I wasn’t going to have her pay for an extra plate of food that would not be eaten. How do you negotiate celebrations such as weddings on a gluten free diet?

I have been doing the autoimmune protocol elimination for the last week to find out more clearly which food groups and foods are causing symptoms in my body right now. Within one week of  starting this diet, I lost 5 pounds! Probably all due to the inflammation getting reduced in my body as a whole. The interesting part
of food intolerances and sensitivities is that they build up in our body and we are not aware of them because their effects may show up days or weeks after eating the foods that are causing the problems multiple times a day. Completely eliminating them from the diet for a while can reduce the symptoms. I had initially thought of doing this for 10 days and then doing challenges to reintroduce certain offending foods. I am now considering doing this for a longer period of time because I feel perhaps I need to heal longer and I am also afraid of any symptoms a challenge may bring on. I’m not quite ready for that yet…
Be well!

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