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Until today, I have been enjoying this gorgeous autumn weather in the Hudson Valley!

Now it’s cooler after a day of rainy weather. 
Humidity kills me with DH.
The celiac rash, otherwise known as dermatitis herpetiformis, affects up to 20 to 25 percent of people with celiac disease. The only treatment for this painful, itchy, and blistering rash is a gluten free diet. It can be very hard to diagnose because, with the intense itching that occurs, typically by the time someone goes to the doctor it does not look the way it does when initially erupted.

It typically takes about 6 months following gluten free diets to be rid of the most painful of the rashes however, as my dermatologist but it  can take years to rid the body of the antibodies that live within the skin. The skin is interestingly enough, very similar to the cells in the intestine.
I have been gluten free for about 5 months now and my rashes are still coming back with fierceness. So today I will finally woke up with blisters everywhere and I am desperately practicing willpower to not itch.
Here is an informative piece on just this very subject:

Things I’m loving:
•Emmy’s  dark cacao macaroons -> Emmy’s Organics

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