Everyday is a gift

Hi guys!
Busy day. I found a new line of gluten free energy bars while running between activities and errands. Our local Farm Stand is Davenport’s farm stand in Stone Ridge, NY. This sesame butter & date macro go bar was quite good.


We also got a pint of fresh local pears…so yummy!

Remember back in June when I was like, “My doctor told me to get sun and sunbathe”..? Well, there is always something to be said for getting a second opinion.

I have been going and following up on a lot of symptoms that were not making sense to me with several different specialists, upon the recommendation  of my nutritionist (who is fabulous). I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with DH/Celiac rash and then  yesterday I followed up with a Rheumatologist.  My primary care provider is following my current situation quite closely and fortunately is an amazing oesteopath!
My anti nuclear antibodies (ANA) test was a red flag that something is going on.  My Rheumatologist essentially said to me I may have another auto immune process such as lupus starting up or it could be the process of an autoimmune disease that I already have.  But that because I’m young, it would be best to live, be happy, and not pursue any further testing right now since even with a positive diagnosis taking medications would “destroy” my body. My primary care doctor felt similarly, suggesting that whatever it is may not rear its head in an ugly way for another five years. Her advice at this time is:
•eat clean
•sleep well
•avoid stress
•be boring
•stay out of the sun
•get immunizations
•take really good care of myself.

All suggested ways of avoiding a lupus flare and, aside from sun exposure, all essentially healthy lifestyle choices for anyone.

I’m so grateful to have today and that have a wonderful team of doctors helping me through this. I have to tell you that it was very scary and I truly wanted to do the testing so that I could have more control over the situation but that’s not the way I can live anymore. Today is a gift.

Anyway I want to thank you for reading and I wish you a great day!