Avoiding gluten exposure

This morning started very early at 5:15 this morning and so I woke up with  a great cup of caffeinated tea. I love Yorkshire Gold!


Then I proceeded to make a batch of  banana pancakes!


I’ve gotten started on some sewing projects for this coming holiday season and I’m finally able to focus on doing that while my little one plays independently.



Mid-morning we went to our local park and hiked with some other mothers and toddlers.


One of the big problems for me as a celiac is gluten exposure possibilities.
Toddlers touch everything to their mouths and as a parent of a toddler, touch is inevitable. So I keep him gluten free and try to prevent any exposure with him as well as myself.  I am constantly facing possible exposures on play dates.  It’s really important for me to make sure that I’m as safe as possible while at the same time not hindering my sons play time or our socialization. As uncomfortable as it is to sometimes bring up the conversation, I’ve started to be very assertive and do this regularly.  People can’t help you unless they understand what the problem is and so once they understand most often they go out of their way to be so helpful and I really appreciate that.
This also happens for me at church and at weddings. I was recently asked to attend a friends wedding ceremony and dinner. She found out that the restaurant is not Celiac friendly and then mentioned to me that she would understand if I couldn’t attend for dinner. It put me in an awkward position and I don’t yet know what to do.
What are your worst exposure situations? How do you approach this conversation with your friends and family?

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