after the flare: Silent Celiac, DH, perfect cookies, date night pizza… for real

I’m back! Sorry guys it’s been so crazy the last few weeks.  First things first, I am no longer a ludite and can blog from my phone after a computer virus took residence in our PC! It’s about time anyway!
Next order of business: I have yet ANOTHER silly diagnosis…(seriously grateful because it could be worse) after feeling so horrible, thinking I was dying from a flare of dermatitis herpetaformis. I have had it my whole life (aka since 2nd decade) and misdiagnosed with excema. The humidity made my flare SO bad.  My dermatologist said with oral steroids it could be taken care of for the next two years, (while looking at my son),
Dr: “But are you lactating?”  (Insert silent f-bomb or stomping tantrum)
Me: “yes…”
Dr: “Well in that case  you can’t take anything… and it may be very uncomfortable…”

( Me tuning out)

Yes, so the topical benadryl is my Bestie and I have been wearing long sleeve shirts every day and long pants or leggings under skirts to hide ugly rashes.  You’s been sooo bad! BUT.. thank the lord for the cooler weather that’s making it less unbearable.
And weaning? Yeah…I’m trying and will let you know when I figure out how to replace boobie with something better cause my little guy is so onto me…

Now for the necessary evil: cookies


New recipe in the works…not totally perfect but getting there:
1/2 C choc. Chips
3 T maple syrup
1 egg
1/2 C natural pb
1 banana
2 T vanilla

Bake 20 mins @ 325°F

Seriously…work in progress 😉

I will leave you with a recent date night pic:


A gluten free Hawaiian pizza picnic at sunset with my amazing hubby.
Be well!

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