Glutening by inhalation

Dear readers,
I haven’t forgotten to write…my toddler is now running! Yes, it’s a wonderful stage and it is so sweet to watch him in his joy. Needless to say I have a ton of updates to post about (briefly since he’s finally napping and I just jinxed myself):

1. Thank heavens for if you haven’t visited, please do!
2. Every minute that I’m not playing chase, I’m spending trying to get the offending invisible gluten out of my kitchen (after being knocked down the last week with Celiac symptoms) …darn specks of gluten must be the culprit. I will find them!
3. I have postponed my half marathon race entry until I figure out how to run faster while in a glycogen-depleted state (aka my current Paleo-fueled time is embarrassing and am working on speeding up my 5k first)
4. I am going off of any and all processed foods (this includes nut butters and nut flours…anything that gets put into a package) since my reaction is a glutening reaction and I’m eating ‘gluten free.’ Fingers crossed that this will help!
5. I live in a rural area…and apparently one can ‘inhale gluten’…yup. Watch out folks, especially if dry-walling or near the bakery section of your grocery store. Check it out:

I’m not holding my breath. I’m a peaceful person, but I’m declaring war against gluten friends! Who’s with me?!

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