Snake scare & MLK


It is a rainy day here in the Hudson Valley.  It’s a nice contrast to yesterday’s hot and humid weather.

The Snake

Yesterday I rose early and had a simple carrot, cantaloupe and berry breakfast.




I was off to a great strength training workout at the gym by 7:30.  When I got back we had a little time at home before heading out to our mommy & me hiking club.  The day’s hike was great and connecting with other mommies & babies is always encouraging.  We had a panic moment when one of the mommies jumped up and screamed, running away from her stroller due to this guy….IMG_20130828_114156_061

I’m not such a squeamish person with snakes (spiders are a different story!).  So I grabbed the handles of her stroller and we all worked together to get her to run past the snake, who was quite content to just hang out alongside the trail.   Frankly, had she not reacted to it we might have all passed by without noticing so I was glad that she did and that all turned out okay in the end.  Do you have a fear of something?  How do you react when frightened?

I try to stay calm in most situations.  But I definitely have my fears and try to summon courage to change my reactions.

MLK commemoration

Speaking of courage, I was able to catch the speeches on NPR from yesterday’s commemoration of Martin Luther King’s Dream Speech.  We have this posted on our fridge to remind us of the importance of his message.


I find that peace is definitely an essential part of my wellness.  Peace y’all.

Ahem, anyway!
Today’s breakfast was an omelette



filled with shrimp and spinach, yum!


Perfect fuel for my morning run. It was rainy out and a perfect 70 ish temperature for jogging. Hope you’re having a great day!



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