Bison, anyone?

Hi there!

My yogurt maker has been “cooking” all day and I’m super excited to reveal the results tomorrow.

Our day started quite early…around 5:30.  It meant that we were able to go for a walk and be ready to head to the gym very early after a breakfast of hard boiled egg and coffee.  But…after not sleeping so much last night, my little guy went down for an early morning nap that was a couple of hours so we ended up getting to the gym closer to midday. I had a coconut milk smoothie before my workout.



I warmed up with 15 minutes of the stairmaster and then hit the Nautilus room.  I worked on legs, arms, back and stomach and then got some more cardio on the eliptical before I was done.  I felt great after the workout.  Lunch was a simple chicken salad wrap and carrots.

IMG_20130808_084708_595 IMG_20130808_084705_437

My little one and I were home in the afternoon for his second nap and I got to my book club reading.  This month is Joe Hill’s NOS4A2.  (I am NOT a big thriller lover.  This is definitely pushing my limit!) Later, we went to the store to get groceries for this weekend.  I actually bought some Bison meat.  Have you ever tried bison?  I’m venturing into uncharted territory  here! (as a former vegetarian of 15+ years and vegan for 3!) I’ve been trying an Autoimmune Paleo approach to my gluten free, FODMAP restricted diet and I read that game meats such as bison and venison are healthful.

I’m thinking bison meatballs.  Any suggestions??  I’m all ears!