Coconut “ice cream” and Yogurt, part II




I fully intended on posting my Yogurt post last night but I had a super craving for something cold and chose to make Coconut ice cream instead.  I’ve learned to keep our Cuisinart Ice cream container in the freezer for just these sorts of occassions.



To Make Coconut ice cream I combined two chilled cans of coconut milk and a cup of maple syrup in the blender and then poured them into the ice cream maker for 20 minutes.  I enjoy my ice cream sort of like soft serve so I think that’s the perfect amount of time for the ice cream maker to work its magic.  If you like it harder frozen desserts I suggest freezing it overnight first before you try it.



Since yesterday was a distance swim day, this morning I woke up and took my little guy for a long walk to stretch my muscles.  I grabbed a hard boiled egg (keep them prepared in our deli drawer) and a cup of black coffee and we were off.  By the time lunch came around I was super hungry, so I made a baked sweet potato. That hit the spot!


Tonight, the coconut yogurt adventures continue.  I have my Donvier yogurt maker prepared…


I have combined 3 cans of coconut milk warmed and stirred and then added 3 capsules of this probiotic…


Looks like this prior to putting in the Donvier.  Now, to wait another 24 hours for this batch to brew.


I hope the yogurt is as good as the coconut ice cream.  I have to say, that I can’t complain.  These machines make alternative cooking so easy!!

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