Have you heard the news?!

Yes! The FDA ruling on the term gluten-free has been published!  This is such great news!  This Celiac is super happy about it because recently I have run into a lot of mislabeled goods.   This is huge!


After an early walk, I tried to get my little one to the story time at the library…but no sooner than we had driven down the road he was asleep and so we skipped that and opted for the morning nap.  I got in a treadmill run while he was sleeping.  No complaining here!

Lunch was simple chicken sautéed in coconut oil with supergreens.

IMG_20130802_121235_405 IMG_20130802_121554_840

And a decaf, swiss-water processed iced coffee with almond milk!


We had a low-key afternoon.  I was feeling pretty lucky when I got to take an hour for myself and go to the hair salon!


I lopped off my locks!
I have to say that I felt rather weird when I asked the stylist about the ingredients in the shampoo.  But I ended up being glad that I did because, wouldn’t you know, even though the salon was recommended by a fellow Celiac, the shampoo and conditioner had hydrolyzed wheat protein as main ingredients. So she simply wet my hair and we went from there.  A little awkward but not a big deal.  I also asked that she not use styling products. She was super understanding and gracious about the whole thing.
Have you ever avoided a salon wash to keep from being glutened?

Tonight we had a delicious grilled steak and potatoes dinner out on the back porch backlit with the setting sun and accompanied by the music of the local katydids and crickets.

Now time to share a celebratory gelato with my  hubby and watch the baseball game!

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