Dusting dance party!

Hello, Hello!

Today was a rainy day in upstate NY!

I headed to the gym a little late this morning but was able to get in a warmup on the stair-master, a weight training circuit, and Cardio on the eliptical machine.  I felt great afterwards.  I love exercise endorphins.  They make me feel better even if it’s one of those kinds of days.

We got home for a late lunch and it was time to bake chicken breast!  I’m so in love with protein right now!


I had some house cleaning to do this afternoon, which always ends up being a dance party in my living room!  No joke, I crank up the music and vacuum!  So fun and makes cleaning easy.  Dusting dance party!

We had to take a trip to the store later this afternoon and I have to say we are blessed with this kind of an aisle!

Seriously.  All the cookies a cookie monster could ask for.

Now, for the good stuff.

I have been doing a bit of reading recently on the Paleo Diet, the Autoimmune diet, and the incidence of cross contamination in “gluten-free” foods.  I have to say that it is eye-opening!

I am reading the revised The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain because I have heard SO much about this diet and how it can reduce inflammation yadayada…  I’m open-minded but still having a hard time thinking about giving up anything else in addition to my current elimination diet.

Along similar lines, I found this Autoimmune diet protocol by a Dr. Kharrazian, whose list I received at my OB/GYN’s office at my yearly last month.  That got me thinking!  I’m doing a FODMAP elimination right now…but this seems to be a bit different.

Speaking of elimination…I thought I would share this link  to an article on cross-contamination (As a caveat..the article linked to in the author’s blog can be found here.) It brings up the idea that US labeling practices regarding Gluten Free foods are not necessarily accurate (or at the very least…not Celiac friendly).  I hope that some headway is being made  and that this will change.

Is your head spinning yet?  I’m not done!

Speaking of change.  If you live in the states…here’s a link to learn about important Celiac issues and possibly take action to effect change.

Have you tried the paleo or autoimmune diet? What are your thoughts on gluten-free labeling practices in the US?

I find that it makes me *super* confused about whether the labels that I’m reading are actually accurate now.

Here is the latest update regarding Gluten Free Labeling as shared by the American Celiac Disease Alliance.

I think maybe I’ll consider this Paleo Diet again…

Good night!


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