The better nut butter

Hello! Hope you’re doing well.

Today was a beautiful day.  I took my little guy for an  hour walk just as the sun was coming up, when it was cool.  We made it home just in time for the perfect cup of Joe (black!).  I was thinking about breakfast during my walk and I resolved to making a breakfast quinoa.  Mine was based off of this Cooking Light recipe.  Instead of fruit, I added a dollop of my current number-one ranking alternative nut butter (since peanut butter’s not in the running): sunflower seed butter!



The end result was delicious!


I then headed off to the gym with plenty of energy.  Once there, I warmed up for my strength training circuit with 10 minutes of eliptical.  I followed up my strength workout with a 20 minute freestyle swim in the pool.  That felt amazing.

After working out, my little guy and I headed to the store to get some groceries before we headed home.

He is now in the phase where he is totally aware of everything and actually quite interested in things on the shelf.  He’s going to be keeping me on my toes, this one!

Speaking of which, I’ve been doing some research on how to baby proof a treadmill at home…we are a little behind on this one. I have a huge treadmill for running and it’s currently unplugged in our living room!


This article does a great job of pointing out some helpful things to think about, considering the serious risk a treadmill poses to a child under 5.  For a while I was seriously considering getting rid of our treadmill, but it really does help in the winter time or when I’m working full time to get in my cardio.  So…we are considering baby-gating it now and finishing a room to put the exercise equipment in the basement.

What are your thoughts on almond butter or sunflower seed butter?  Where do you have exercise equipment in your home?

Be well!


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