Book Club Brownies

Hi there!  How’s it going?
We left off with readying for one final test and the test went well…negative results! *yay!*As soon as the test was done, we came home had a visit with my in-laws and then packed up the car and drove to the Poconos for the weekend!

Family Reunion

We drove down to Lake Harmony, PA…where we had rented a large house with plenty of space for our extended family to stay.  The drive down was uneventful and we were there with some time to stretch our legs before dinner on Friday night.  I packed my Celiac-safe food in a cooler for this trip, in the hopes that I could stay well on this mini-vacation.

I packed some grilled chicken, a vegetable beef stew that I had prepared on Thursday, and snack foods such as nuts and gluten free crackers.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t the most glorious or waist-conscious eating…but I think I achieved my goal.  Yes,  there was no glutening!!  Some precautions that I took included:

  • bringing my own utensils and plate
  • keeping my food on the top shelf of the refridgerator
  • announcing to everyone the precautions I hoped they could take during our stay (i.e. washing hands before touching me or the baby)
  • using tin foil for grill cooking
  • when others went out to eat at gluten-filled restaurants I kept myself busy touring the area and met up with them afterwards

We had a great time visiting with family over the long weekend and were sad to say goodbyes.

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On the way home we took a detour and went to Trader Joe’s to get some gluten-free bread, and organic whole chicken for tonight.  I roasted the whole chicken for dinner tonight and served that along with lettuce and tomatoes from our vegetable garden.


I also had gotten a quick mix from TJ’s for brownies because tonight we hosted the monthly book club meeting.  148

These were super easy to make and between prepping and cooling they were ready within an hour.  Book club discussed two books tonight: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats and Where’d You Go, Bernadette?   If you haven’t read these books, I definitely recommend them both!! I found Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette? a laugh-out-loud sort of read and the Art of Hearing Heartbeats was thought-provoking and beautifully written.

So the GF brownies turned out pretty well! I added a bit of unsweetened coconut on top.


I was pleased with the amount of cocoa in them, but not wild about the texture and taste of the xanthum gum.   Matthew was also glad that there were plenty leftover to try following the meeting!

Hope you have a great night!!