Celiac-Friendly date night

Check out the neighbors that stopped over for a visit this morning!! Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this former city-mouse has become a country mouse.  Very country!



I fasted until midday so that I could do my fructose lab test (negative results, yay!).  Then I hit the gym for a strength training workout before I took my son to the local community toddler pool.  We’ve started swimming lessons, so I thought we could get some practice in today — so fun to watch him enjoying water!!

It’s really important to me that we have a healthy and active lifestyle with our family so I try to lead by example and that means getting my butt to the gym and making time to work out with recreational family activities.

Tonight was a date night and so my husband and we revisited the local Celiac-friendly restaurant in New Paltz, NY…Rock da Pasta.

I got a modified chicken pasta dish (minus the fodmap veggies and dairy).  I really appreciated the willingness to adapt the dish to my dietary restrictions and the extra effort the restaurant takes to avoid any cross-contamination.  I definitely recommend visiting if you’re near upstate NY!IMG_20130722_181527_024

We had gotten a gluten free brownie dessert to go but ended up forgetting it (!) while I was texting the babysitter…so for healthy sweet treat I made a banana-cocoa-coconut smoothie.  (I actually called the restaurant and they put my package into the fridge and held it for me to pick up!! So nice!)

In this smoothie:

  • ice
  • coconut milk
  • cocoa
  • banana
  • blueberries


Time to cuddle for a movie with my hunny!