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I have a couple of great recommendations for gluten free packaged food:

  1. Two Moms in the raw makes an divinely delicious goldenberry bar. Worth the calories.  Yum!


2.  Sun Cups….sort of similar to a standard Reese’s Cup..but different.  Won’t make you suffer AND good!


Now…for the new and improved true low FODMAP smoothie.  It seems that the protein powder I had been using had dandelion in it and that’s not a low FODMAP food.  Hence, the revise.

low FODMAP banana berry smoothie

recipe includes:

  • 1 C. ice
  • 1/2 C. coconut milk
  • 1/4 C. berries
  • 1 banana


Definitely hits the spot!


Today after church we went and checked out the local Rosendale Street Festival.  


This is a view of Main Street going into Rosendale.  I was super excited to go there because, not only were 74 live bands scheduled to perform this weekend, but also there is an alternative bakery in town.  I have to say the energy was great and I loved the music down the streets.  I wasn’t, however, impressed by the Alternative Baker…who runs an establishment that can’t be Celiac friendly with traditional baked goods in the same glass display case, and above the “gluten free” baked goods.  Crumbs anyone? I am okay that I couldn’t eat anything safely, anyway, today because I was on a chicken/rice test-prep diet and am now fasting before my fructose hydrogen breath test in the morning.  I tested negative for lactose intolerance on Friday, I have the second test tomorrow and a third on Friday.  I can’t wait to have more answers and get one step closer to feeling good all the time. 
Moral of the story? Be aware, Celiacs…gluten free does not equal Celiac Friendly!


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