Chocolate Mexicano

We are back from vacation!! I have loads of pictures and stories to share.

We had a great visit with family and friends along with some beautiful days at the beach…

After our arrival Thursday night we got a good night sleep  Matthew and I made sure to get to the gym for a morning workout Friday morning.  I stuck with a split cardio routine between the stairmaster and arc-trainer.

We had lunch with friends and family and then around afternoon naptime headed out with the baby sleeping in his carseat to enjoy the sights and some beach time


Along with my favorite coffee and a gluten free treat!  This dark chocolate sweet comes with two discs…so I had one with my delicous decaf and saved the other for after my Saturday swim.


018 019

Do you work out with a partner?  Do you ever reward yourself with sweet treats? 

Later on, we got the kayak for Matthew to paddle alongside me strapped to the car and had a relaxing dinner before getting rested up for Saturday’s event.

mblm BuzBaySwim2013 003

The Swim

We woke up early on Saturday morning and I had a protein shake while we drove to the starting point for the open swim.

mblm BuzBaySwim2013 017

We got there in time to warm up and everything went swimmingly with registration, unloading the kayak, and getting in the right spot for the start of the race.


They gave participants a bag with a T-shirt, stickers, and that’s what used as my drop bag for the finish line.

mblm BuzBaySwim2013 037

Speaking of finish lines…I did finish and beat my previous time so I was very pleased! And grateful to my sweetheart for staying by me during the swim!

mblm BuzBaySwim2013 033



I chose to be an escorted swimmer for this race, which I was very pleased about especially when I came upon my first surprise of the race….

mblm BuzBaySwim2013 055

JELLYFISH! I was not prepared for jellyfish!  Anyway, aside from the millions of harmless jellyfish that I swam through, of which I was petrified, the swim was great.

I raised more money than expected and all the money went to support a great cause: the environmental advocacy for the Buzzards Bay Coalition.

Stay cool!