Fishy fish

When I was a vegan my favorite candy was Swedish fish….now that I don’t eat candy (!!) my favorite sweet thing is grapefruit.  No kidding!  So sweet.  I can’t have too much or I break into hives…but WOW.  Awesome fruit.

Yeah, Anyway.  We’re vacationing on the East Coast which is the perfect time to sample some awesome seafood.    If you’re gluten free due to Celiac’s Disease, then going out becomes a little more complex than it would be normally.

This is an excellent article on why it’s so complex to go out to a restaurant, especially now with the Gluten Free Diet Fad, if you have Celiac’s Disease.

That said, purchasing and cooking your own seafood can be absolutely delightful. Whether grilled, steamed, pan-fried, Sautéed, broiled, poached, or is a healthy source of protein and essential fatty acids.  For those of us that happen to have vitamin deficiencies…we need good sources of these EFAs.

For our trip we will pack a pan to pan-fry salmon, scallops, or halibut.  For the grilled tuna or swordfish, Matthew will be cleaning the grill and cooking mine in tin foil as an added precaution.

Because of where I am with my healing, most likely we will be preparing our own seafood.  But surely, we will enjoy!

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