From swimming to FLYing



Today was a super busy day.  We were out early to get more tomato plants (my seed starting didn’t go so well this year) and then out to the pool for my last swim before Saturday’s race!!!

After swimming we headed over to the mall so I could accessorize a bit and get the perfect beach hat for my little guy.
Once home I started packing with my packing list for my son and I.  IMG_20130710_163855_586

I let Matthew do his own packing, of course, and it still seems like packing for a toddler is like packing up the house and moving!!  It takes days… and I do try to use lists now because although it was one thing as a young, single person to forget a stick of deodorant once in a while…as a parent each thing you forget can add an element of complexity to vacationing.  It’s just easier for me to plan out with lists and then we can soak up as much beach time as possible and avoid shopping while we’re there.

If you ever need help with organization this website is THE BEST!!!