Sweetest gifts


Recently I have been giving away a lot of things that we either don’t need in our home or I don’t need, myself.  My good friend said to me last week, if you don’t use something why not give it away to someone who can.  This was actually in the context of furniture that we don’t need anymore…but I’m going to extend this thought and show how it’s relevant to the scope of this blog.  I’m finding the sweetest gifts for me are found in giving to others.

When going gluten free it’s so easy to miss the things one is “missing out on,” in other words all the gluten-filled things that used to be eaten.  Right after we scoured our kitchen clean, I gave away all of my flours to people I knew could use them.  When I learned I had to take away dairy and fodmaps, I started giving people fruits we couldn’t possibly use (I’m typically the only one that eats them).  And more recently, after realizing I couldn’t have anything with chicory root in it (causing rashes and stomach problems)…I gave up my favorite tea and coconut “ice cream” as well.

IMG_20130708_181037_773 IMG_20130708_153821_022 IMG_20130708_153813_632 IMG_20130708_181007_945


It felt good to know that others would enjoy them.  That made me happy.

Then I went ahead and made my own frozen pop with a mold, coconut milk and fresh raspberries…



Today, my husband nudged me awake at what seemed to be far too early an hour so that I could get my strength training workout done at the gym.

I did arms, back, legs, and abs and some cardio before heading home to shower get dressed and get my little one ready as well for a day out.  I prepared a quick smoothie that I drank in the car on our ride and we took a drive down for a visit with a good friend to Goshen NY.

While we were there we checked out the horse racing museum…there were horses in the back…IMG_20130709_113211_640

And talking horses in the children’s corner!


We had so much fun!


We went on a walk, had a picnic lunch and visited a local playground before we left.

We even made it back home before the thunderstorms started and managed to get both a morning and afternoon nap in for my little guy!


^ happy mama

I got home and after only having some pecans and a hardboiled egg for my lunch I was famished.  I had some non-paleo gluten free snackfood…including these great crackers and some brie 🙂

IMG_20130709_161223_353 IMG_20130709_161239_153

This mama’s tuckered out.  Tomorrow is my last training swim before Saturday’s race so it’s bedtime for me!



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