Beautiousness #Protein Shakes #mindfulness

Today is such a beautiful day!  It has been gorgeous and sunny today and I’ve been soaking it up before the afternoon thundershowers come!  When I walked out of the house this morning, this beautiousness caught my eye and made me literally stop and smell the flowers.


I love seeing when a bulb opens…that very first day.  It’s so exciting!

I started the day off with tons of ice in my protein smoothie


Then I went to do a training swim at the pool this morning before doing some shopping errands.  Saturday is the open water race so I’m hoping all of my hard work will pay off and I won’t get my period, get attacked by sharks or a combination of the two!  Just kidding 🙂

While at the pool I ran into a mother/baby that Matthew and I took Bradley Method classes with before our son was born.  It was so great catching up and it made me realize how quickly the last year has passed and how deep in diapers we’ve been!

Anyway, after errands I got home and this next batch had opened up again…


I have to say that our upcoming vacation to the Cape is sprinkling thoughts of mindfulness in my brain.  So, along the lines of taking time to be mindful and relax, workouts, and staying cool… these might be of interest:



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