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Oh my goodness… so it seems that I have SO much to learn about nutrition!  Thank goodness there are folks out in the world willing to help.  Topic of the day: how to eat more fiber 🙂

Back in the day, pre-motherhood when I was a vegan, I always cooked with quinoa, kale, and rarely ate processed crap.  Something happened after being pregnant and nursing that seemed to change where my head was about being cautious with nutrition and simply being in “survival” mode with meal planning due to all of the running around working with pregnancy brain and then diapering/breastfeeding/laundering post-baby.  It can be hard.  But, now that I can reflect it’s even more important at such times to eat well. These days, I need to get back into the swing of choosing nutrient dense foods anytime I eat.  Being a mother doesn’t mean my body doesn’t need energy, right?  How do you handle making good food choices when strapped for time?

So, here is one idea I’m willing to try: make a large batch of grains such as quinoa or Amaranth and use them throughout the week to top salads, add to soups, or make a pudding.  Source


This morning’s breakfast is going to be my standby for the next few weeks while I’m on this strict FODMAP GF diet:


In this smoothie:

  • Almond- coconut milk
  • Large handful spinach, kale, bock choy mix
  • Rainbow light protein mix
  • Banana

I have to say that this was a winner and the almond-coconut milk did the trick!



We were off to church at the summer-adjusted early hour of 8:45!  After church, the baby was napping so Matthew and I took advantage of some time in the beautiful sunshine weeding and planting in our gardens.  So nice!

I had a refreshing, green salad lunch.


We are going to be taking a few vacations in the coming weeks, which I’ll post about.  But, in the planning I’ve definitely been faced with some emotions about this new FODMAP Gluten Free diet and how it changes the dynamic with others socially.  Making dinner plans, having friends over…these situations are a bit similar to being the vegetarian at someone’s Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s interesting how people can react differently to hearing the label Gluten Free.  I know that it’s a fad-diet for some.  But for us folks with Celiac’s Disease this isn’t really a choice as much as the only good option (Man alive, what I wouldn’t give sometimes to feel “Normal” if it had no consequences).

Do you announce the status of your diet or do you just BYO GF food and keep your dietary status quiet? 

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