GF make-up list

GF Make-up

I have always loved make-up shopping.  Guilty pleasure!  So this is what I have in my gluten free make-up bag  (I’m limiting this to sun lotion, foundation, powder, lips, and hair products) … I have really trimmed on make-up clutter:

1.Sun tan lotion – Neutrogena dry touch sunscreen

2. Foundation – Physician’s Formula Super B&B cream

3. Powder – currently Physician’s Formula bronzer

4. Lips – Physician’s Formula PH lip gloss & Desert Essence tea tree lip balm

5. Vidal Sassoon shampoo & conditioner


Now, for this morning’s breakfast.  I have to say that I wasn’t feeling so hot in the morning (nausea and cramps)…so I made a smoothie, hard boiled egg, and had some berries.


In this smoothie:


By midmorning I was very sick.

Lunch was a simple salad with chicken and avocado…IMG_20130702_125223_613

And dinner more of the same chicken/salad but was a little spicier.  While I was working out at the gym Matthew made BBQ chicken and bacon to add to a salad…YUM!!!


See the theme here?  Yes, pretty simple food.  Trying to avoid any more upset stomachs, nausea, cramps, and diarrhea!  I have to say that I didn’t anticipate getting sick so often after getting my diagnosis.  I had this idealized vision in my head that every day I would be able to live life peacefully knowing what I can and can’t ingest and the stories of trace amounts of gluten getting to other people wouldn’t happen to me.  I’m so sorry to say that I haven’t had the fortune of living in that reality.  Instead, I’m still getting sick.  Daily 😦  Today was pretty bad.   I don’t like to complain but I’m going to voice the reality of my version of Celiac’s disease which is that it’s pretty hard to avoid gluten, lactose, sugar when you’re nutritionally deficient and have brain fog.    I’m simply going to have to develop super mindfulness  habits to deal (i.e. checklists, dependable shopping brands, tossing envelopes that don’t have self-adhesive tabs).  It’s got to get better with time.  Thank God I have a super supportive husband.  He is the only reason why I ever remember to take pictures!!!  I am really hopeful that in the coming days things will go better tomorrow!

Of possible interest:

Off to hang with my hubby.  ‘Night!

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  1. Hello there! I recently started a blog about living gluten-free and thought I’d peruse other blogs about the same topic! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but I just wanted to say that it gets better! I’m about 7 months in and you’ll eventually get the hang of it. You’ll end up having your go-to brands and you’ll know easily what you can eat. Not to say that I don’t still get glutened, I actually had a bad experience at a restaurant a week and a half ago and am just now feeling better. It definitely helps that your husband is a good support system, I can relate:)

    1. Hi there! I appreciate your perspective. I definitely am looking forward to feeling better soon and getting the hang of it. Thanks for your input!!

    2. Thanks so much for your message! I’m starting to feel better and better now that I’m on a GF FODMAP diet! Glad you’re feeling better, too!

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