Fast, GF, and fresh!

Meant to post this last night but the baby was teething!


Today was such a busy day that I prepped food last night before bed to be sure to have options for a lunch on the road. I scanned our shelves and opted to make chicken salad for lunch.


I also cut up some celery, carrot sticks, cucumbers, and apple and put them in my lunch bag, as well.



Today I had to drive to a gig that was a little over an hour away and so in all was away from my little one and home for about 4 1/2 hours.  The event went really well and I was so pleased about that.

As long as we’re looking at the contents of my fridge…here’s the rest:

IMG_20130628_153257_739 IMG_20130628_153301_461 IMG_20130628_153305_502

Not too interesting, but anyway it’s clean and gluten free!

I’ve read a lot recently about causes for symptoms after going gluten-free with people that have Celiac Disease.  The first thing I try to rule out is…whether or not I’m still ingesting gluten.  I have to say that for me, the hardest thing has been make-up and envelope licking!  I haven’t made the switch to non-lick envelopes exclusively yet and it’s very hard to remember to use a wet paper towel instead, especially if I’m not home.

more on specific make-up tomorrow…when the baby’s not crying