Adult Gummies - Vitamin D
Adult Gummies – Vitamin D (Photo credit: LookAfterYourself)


Last night I came home late from a local Celiac Support Group meeting.  There was a speaker on Celiac issues and lots of take-home literature and samples…it’s a branch of the Celiac Disease Foundation.    I tried some great samples and met some awesome folks.


OK.  then today…  Well, we had a day full of drama today, starting with putting our eldest beloved  cat to sleep.  She has been very sickly for quite a long time and this morning we had an appointment at the vet to put her to sleep.  Oh my God, I cried my brains out all morning!  Loved her so much and it’s hard to have a pet-member of your family pass on just like it’s hard to lose a person.
So that was our morning of mourning  😦


I did my swim training  in the early afternoon and then had my annual Gyn appointment… Ugh.  Well, to look at the positive side keeping up with annual check ups is a great habit to make.  Yup.  Anyway, I got into a conversation with my Dr. about vitamins, etc.  He literally told me with Vitamin D deficiency you have to go outside and lay in the sun everyday!  Guess who’s going to be outside every day now (with my 85 spf face sunscreen, of course)? Great excuse.  Also, free pass on adding coconut oil to the daily diet to reduce yeasty beasties (sorry to offend).


We also had quite the conversation about family planning.  Because I’m so nutrient deficient, being recently diagnosed with Celiacs Disease, his take is to wait on getting pregnant again until I’m fully healed and then some.    We’re talking years…  which is great for my son, since he will have our undivided attention during the time he needs it most!


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