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It’s my son’s birthday today!  I can’t believe it!  We managed to make it a full year, breastfeeding (even with my health issues), and without any sicknesses!  And he’s standing!  I  am such a proud and thankful mama!


Last month, Dr. Oz listed ginger as the herb of the month. Ginger is supposed to provide anti-inflammatory responses to a stressed body.  I have to admit that I have been stressed physically recently.  I don’t know why (we live a pretty serene life and have so much to be grateful for) but I have read that  people who have Celiac’s Disease can have a hard time absorbing tryptophan and in turn getting the seratonin needed to feel well.  I am hopeful that over time, with supplements, I’ll feel better!


I recently started drinking this wonderful ginger, lemon probiotic tea to hopefully get the health benefits that were suggested.




I have now agreed to take any lactose products and vegetables like broccoli (that cause gas) out of my diet to decrease inflammation.  Now to relax!




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