Flares and fun



If you’ve ever had an autoimmune disease, then you might be familiar with what happens after any events that might cause stress: you can have a flare!  I really tried to have this weekend be a low-key affair..but I may need to take more action to reduce stress in the future.

I woke up with what felt like a head cold, sore throat, ear ache, aching joints, swollen limbs….yadayadayada!   Seriously, though, sometimes I wish I didn’t have the physical reactions that I do.  My goal now is to REST.

BUT  even so, we had such a great time this weekend visiting with family and friends and celebrating my sons birth-day!!  Can’t believe how great!

Anyway, I started the morning off with a cooling breakfast: protein smoothie, watermelon and a hard boiled egg.


That gave me energy enough to get through my 1.2 mile swim this morning amidst a real diving search for gold…

It turns out it was a search for a small gold filling:  an older gentleman must have taken over 100 dives into the lap lane beside mine at the pool.  After swimming more than 80 lengths I never once saw the glimmer of gold from the mouth of a fellow swimmer-turned diver, who was hell-bent on finding the filling that apparently fell from his mouth during his swim.   Here’s hoping it all works out!

Anyway, I have to say that I felt quite sluggish doing my laps and I was retracing the past week trying to come up with an explanation.  With Celiacs disease, this can be a crap shoot!

It was very muggy this afternoon and even so, I was able to get some work and practicing done.  Thank goodness for my hubby, who was extra supportive today and hung out with the little guy (whose official b-day is tomorrow!!)…yay!