Birthday Barbecue

Hi there!  Here we are again and phew, so glad to get a chance to blog!

We had family visiting this weekend and it was hectic but SO good!  We are very blessed to have such caring and helpful parents that help out so much when we need it.  For example, after being diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, they helped me SCOUR my kitchen top to bottom to get it gluten free.  AMAZING!

Anyway, this weekend we did a ton of preparation for the birthday barbecue!  Both weekend days we got started with a fuel-filled breakfast.  Saturday was a chicken sausage skillet scramble with some blueberries, yogurt and avocado!


I’ve started drinking this delicous probiotic ginger-lemon herbal tea!



Sunday’s breakfast was also hearty: Bacon, eggs, fruit salad and avocado!


We were busy cooking last night through to this afternoon.  My husband marinated and grilled spare ribs, tofu and beef kabobs….


I baked gluten free cupcakes… IMG_20130622_212223_385

and later frosted them with a simple cream cheese frosting (honey, cream cheese, butter and vanilla).  I found that baking gluten free is definitely anxiety-provoking, because it was such an easy thing before my diet switched and now I have less practice and experience with the restricted baking.  Fortunately, everyone was gracious and seemed to truly enjoy themselves.  Here’s to trying!

Question of the evening:  What is your favorite Gluten Free thing to cook/bake/barbecue/eat???